Hi! I'm a full-stack software engineer currently based in Sacramento, California. I have been working for the California Department of Social Services since October 2016. Before that, I was a Software Engineering Intern for Disney. In March 2016, I graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.S. in Computer Science.

I have strong opinions about code that I state passionately but hold loosely. I enjoy learning about programming, sometimes write code for fun when I'm not too tired from work, and attend the occasional developer meetup.

I'm always interested in new opportunities! Please see my resume, LinkedIn, and GitHub profiles at the link above. Reach me at my personal email address, ckellyreif@gmail.com.

Languages: Java, C#, Python, SQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS

Tools: Scrum (Agile), Linux, Git, TFS, ASP.NET, Flask, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular 1 & 2, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Apache, JUnit, Amazon Web Services, Visual Studio, JetBrains IDEs, Eclipse